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Welcome to Financial 3…

“In a nutshell, we help take care of your finances so you can go live a great life.”

At Financial 3 we provide you with refreshingly simple advice to get your ‘Financial House™’ sorted and built your way.

We work right alongside you to:

  • Develop a plan for you and your family to get a 6 figure income for life, regardless of what happens in the markets, the economy, or the world
  • Implement and stick to your plan, no matter what’s happening that’s out of your control.

Our job is not to guess what’s going to happen in the future, advise you to make short-term adjustments, and hope our guesses are correct.

Because financial success has never been about who’s the Prime Minister, the short-term swings in the market, property values or world chaos.

We focus on you and take away that “unknown” of what to do next financially. Then we show you how to create more money for holidays, investing and doing the things you love.

So when you’re ready to start your new life, please call us for a friendly chat.

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My first one-on-one session with Financial 3 put $4,203 in my pocket. After 3 weeks I had an extra $8,436 without changing my lifestyle! And their advice then saved me paying $38,000 unnecessarily.

Olive Bool,
(Brisbane QLD)

In the past 6 months (Jul 14 to Jan 15) since working with Financial 3, they have grown our personal wealth by $27,348 (after all costs). We are so grateful that all the hard work has been taken away from us.

Michael and Robyn Gipters,
(Double Bay NSW)

Financial 3 have been fantastic mentors for me. They have genuine passion for improving people’s financial situations that is matched only by their remarkable strategies that deliver real results.

Lisa Lanzafame,
(Far North Queensland, Australia)
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How We Can Help

When it comes down to it, managing money and creating wealth is not rocket science… however it is time intensive and for many people does not come easily.

So we’re all about providing you with refreshingly simple advice to get your ‘Financial House™’ (financial situation) sorted and then built your way.

We also don’t leave you in a ‘financial wilderness’. We check in with you regularly to chat about your future plans, provide our insights and make any adjustments as we go, to keep you on track

And we’re available at any time in between our catch ups to discuss anything else that pops up.

The 7 Step Formula
So, what do we mean by getting your ‘Financial House™’ sorted?

Firstly, we meet with you to get a very clear picture of what’s most important to you and the outcomes you want to achieve.

We look at your situation from a holistic perspective, not just some areas in isolation (as often changing one area affects many others).

Then we work backwards to bring together the strategies that suit you and provide our recommendations to fast track your results.

Every month, we’re also chatting with our experts from Australia and around the world on your behalf. So we know what’s really happening, how this affects you and what changes may need to be made to deliver the results you’re after, year after year.

And when you need them, we’ll introduce you to your team of experts, who are specialists in what they do, including: Finance Broker, Accountant, Solicitor, Property Developer and Educator.

We Imagine Your Financial Future Like Building

Your Own Financial House™...

But no matter what type of house (lifestyle) you want to build, without bringing together the right strategies, in the right order, your Financial House™ will most likely come crashing down.

So to build your dream home (lifestyle), it’s vital to have your Foundation Strategies in place first and then develop your Wealth Creation Strategies.

We work with you to build your rock solid Financial House™ your way by using the 9 Financial Success Strategies…

So Why Work With Us?

The only way we succeed is if you get the results you want.

Over the years working alongside our clients we have come to understand, very clearly, where the real value lies in what we do and it primarily boils down to 2 things:

That we deliver results

That we take care of everything

To do this we work very closely with you to tailor a plan to suit. Our approach is NOT a one strategy fits all.

And agree a fixed price with you, which means there’s no hidden costs or commissions you pay us to muddy the waters.

We also know what it’s like to struggle but then we found the Keys to Financial Success…

We will share with you these powerful breakthroughs, tips and techniques.

One of Our Great Secrets…

Is that we don’t believe in working longer hours to make more money…we like to work smart and get your money working hard for you.

Most people work hard for little return. We will show strategies we believe will use your money more effectively for much greater rewards. And you will discover the ideas and the motivation that we believe will help make your dreams a reality.

We would love to chat and show you how we could help.

So if you’re ready to start your new life, please call us for a friendly chat today.


Get in touch. Call 1300 657 013.



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